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Social Media Trends to Implement in 2018

2018 Social Media Trends

The key word for social media in 2018 is going to be impact. At this point, we all know the tricks to reach five thousand, ten thousand, twenty thousand people. We know how to drive up follow and shares. But how do we reach the people that matter? The people who will actually support our cause or buy our product? Here are four tactics to employ in 2018 for a deeper impact:

A Greater Focus On Influencer Marketing

In 2016 and 2017, it was all about brands being hip, playing into memes and so on, but millennials may be a little too jaded for that to keep working. In 2018, youth-oriented brands are best advised to stay out of the limelight, putting more focus on influencers.

Facebook Is Mostly Mobile, Now

80% of Facebook’s ad revenue comes through mobile. Focus on mobile-friendly content. Create content that’s easy to read at a glance, and when the image is shrunken down to fit in your palm.

ChatBots Are Coming A Long Way…

If you run a smaller brand, our advice is to buck the trend of using chatbots for customer service. Here’s why: Everyone’s using chatbots now, and even the best chatbot feels like a chatbot. A human response, whether it’s a full-time employee or a help desk, goes a long way towards building a strong relationship between company and customer.

Gen Z-Oriented Marketing

Marketers are still feeling Generation-Z out. These are the kids who grew up after millennials. We’ll know more once they become a bigger part of the economy, but here’s something we do know: It’s all B2B. For Gen-Z, working freelance gigs is just part of the work-week, even if you have a fulltime job, and they tend to regard themselves as entrepreneurs, moguls. If you’re seeking out a younger demographic, play to that.

Reach still counts. If you can build a following of 120,000 users, that’s great. But impact matters more than ever.

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