Which Social Media Platform Is Best For Your Business?

Having an online presence is one of the most forward-looking decisions that any business can make in this era when nearly everyone is online. By harnessing social media’s dynamic capabilities, enterprises can generate leads, expand their reach, and create a community around their Brands.

But contrary to the belief of many, having online visibility doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be on every social network. The most prudent approach is selecting the channel that resonates with your message and brand, rather than extending your efforts and resources everywhere. From here we will explore some of the top-performing platforms.

Be Personable with Facebook

With over 2.7 billion monthly and over 1.73 billion daily active uses, Facebook continues to reign as the top social media platform out of the many social sites. The platform’s expansive user base and demographic make it an ideal channel for building relationships with users/consumers. It allows you to display the human side of your business, making it more personable and engaging. Facebook enables consumers to learn what your business is all about, its products/services, and what your brand could do for their life!

Be Quick and Concise with Twitter

If your business is all about immediacy, and in-the-moment buzz, Twitter is the ideal channel. Boasting 330 million monthly users, Twitter is the go-to platform if your business involves updating your followers/users with important messages, announcements, breaking news, and other current and present information. However, since the platform caps messages to 280 characters, this means that you need to be concise, creative, exciting, and informative to appeal to a broader audience.

Influence Users with TikTok

If your brand is looking to engage with users through edgy digital content and messaging then Tiktok is the place for you. With official statistics showing that this platform has over 500 million monthly users, you can bet that it can help you create a lot of traction to your brand as long as you find the right partners. Find the influencer budget and go for it. You’ll find a pool of multi-talented digital creators looking to work with your brand. Once you place your brand in an influencer’s hands, you’ll immediately start to see the reach and exposure.

Form a Visual Identity with Instagram

Boasting over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is an excellent platform for you to showcase your brand identity, product, values, and voice. And since it’s a visual platform, Instagram is ideal for brands that target young, hip demographics – the most likely group of people you’ll find on this platform. Research indicates that most people remember 80% of what they see compared to what they read or hear. As such, Instagram works to the advantage of brands and products that can be creatively captured in photos and videos.

Express a Professional Touch with LinkedIn

For companies and brands that specialize in B2B services, Linkedln is the best platform. It’s a professional community of over 303 million people, including workers and business owners, who share common interests and needs. To thrive on this platform, you need to post editorial content that positions you as a leader in your industry. Since LinkedIn users aged between 30 and 40 are more than those aged below 30, the platform tends to be a more formal social platform than the rest. If your company targets other enterprises for business, you’ll have more success on this platform than any other social media channel.

Immotion Studios’s Final Verdict

Social media is indispensable for any enterprise that wants to realize growth and success in the 21st century. You have the opportunity to network with more than just local consumers. Social media opens up connections to be made anywhere. However, the most daunting part is knowing the social media platform that aligns perfectly with your business’s goals, product/services, and brand. When you match your brand with the right social media channel, you can bet that building your brand awareness, finding new leads, and generating more traffic to your business won’t be an uphill task.

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