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Why it Matters How the Consumer Sees your Brand

Your customers are why you have a product or service. It’s how you survive in business. Or don’t. If you make a promise about your product or service, you must deliver, or your customers will stop paying for it.

That comes down to your brand promise. Your brand promise needs to be targeted toward the customer, it needs to tell them your vision, and clearly state what you actually do.

You also need to know who you are selling the product or brand to. Consumer perception might be different from your own. That isn’t going to help you. You need to always consider who your target audience is.

Brand perception is very important. It relates to our feelings, attitudes, and experiences with a product or service. Brand perception is how a company grows.

By taking a common product and giving it elements that evoke emotional feelings in us. Because, in the end, it’s the customer who makes the final decision about what the perception of your brand really is.

Brand Mission

A brand mission is a simple statement that is meant to tell us what the brand’s purpose is. It is also meant to inspire its customers. It is aimed at their emotional relations with products.

It is a statement or a promise that will drive the company forward. A brand mission should push the limits of the company. That is because the main goal of the brand mission is to take the company and its customers into new market areas where competitors won’t be able to follow.

Brand Aesthetics

This is another vital aspect of your brand. What it looks like. Also, what it looks like to the consumer. But aesthetics is about more than just your logo and colors you use. It’s all tied in with the brand purpose, the brand image, and the company’s reputation and attitude.

With so many different platforms to market your brand, it can be seen in more and more places all the time. That it is so important to have an image that works.

Simple, complex, bright, plain, busy, or solid, it needs to reflect and work for you and the brand. Your brand aesthetics is also about who you are a company. Do you do good things for your community or dump waste in the river?

Your aesthetics need to match you and the team. It also needs to appeal to the consumer. Decisions for purchase are often made right at the shelf. Why are people choosing one over the other? Aesthetics.

There are certain brands that people recognize in an instant. They don’t even need to see the whole thing. It’s just that familiar and popular.

Brand Altruism

Brand altruism is about your product, your customer, and the relation between the two. How does your product enrich their lives? But it also has to do with the company itself.

Do they do good deeds? Perhaps they support an animal rights organization. Maybe they help underprivileged children with food programs or education. Or, do they have a massive swollen board of directors all collecting gross amounts of money every year?

Even a company that starts out on the right track can become swayed or clash with the message they are trying to convey. Making a donation to an organization that has a bad reputation can end up being extremely harmful to your brand.

In a day and age where bad news travels fast, it’s important that whatever message, image, and mission you put out is true. Your consumers are aware of what is going on.

People get wind of something negative that your brand is associated with and that will hit you hard. Right in the bank account. It’s important to also not jump on the nearest bandwagon, in case that all goes south, as well.

Social Responsibility

People are more aware than ever and with access to so much information so quickly, you need to always be working on your brand to keep it moving forward and keep it where it needs to be.

The relationship with your customer is what matters. How they see your brand will make or break you as a business. Brand loyalty is hard-earned. You need to build up your customer base, their trust, and build a lasting relationship.

Some products are for fun, some are for life. But the relationship with your brand and your customer is what makes your business survive. It’s so much more than just the product and what it looks like.

Treat your customers with respect. Allow them to interact and tell you if they are happy or not. Acknowledge them when they do contact you. Show them the respect they deserve, and they will always remain true to you and your brand.

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