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Finding Your Brand’s Voice

Establishing yourself and your business involves a lot more than simply opening the doors. You need to also establish a unique brand and voice. Your voice is how your customers and potential customers see you.

Your brand voice is what you do, what you promise, and what you deliver. It’s images, it’s how you respond and behave and it’s what your audience is saying about you. 

Finding Your Brand’s Voice

Your brand’s voice and your brand itself needs constant work and improvement. It grows and changes as the company grows and changes.

Keep Your Content Unique

Take the time to regularly go through all your online content. If there is anything there that could fit another company similar to yours, take it out. A big part of finding your brand’s voice is keeping it 100% unique.

Many people think, ‘Soap is soap’, but there are plenty out there to choose from. Some are very popular and that’s because they tell their target audience what they need to hear. 

The company will grow and change and so will the customer’s needs. Certain things in society will also change and your voice will need to reflect that. Keeping it current shows your target audience you are aware and care. 

The Three Word Test

To find a true voice, you need to establish a persona. Just like how you might describe a person in three words, try to describe your brand voice in three words. Ask partners and your team members to do the same. 

You should also take a wide survey of target customers and see what they would say your brand’s voice is. How do they see it or hear it? This can be very helpful if you are looking to change or improve the brand voice and tone.

Ask your target customers and the audience why they use your brand, what they like about it, and how it makes them feel. Take those thoughts and use them for your brand to make it bigger and better.

Ask them what changes, if any, they would like to see and what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes you have something that doesn’t fit but you just can’t put your finger on it. 

Expand Those Three Words

Once you find the most common three words used and define them further. This is important for brand vision and brand messaging. It also helps you to create better content. 

When you have a clear vision of what the brand voice sounds like, it makes it easier to create content around the definitions you have come up with. Keep track of those words with a brand voice chart.

When anyone needs to create content for the company, they can refer to the chart and see what that content needs to promote and further expand your brand’s voice and tone. 

This will help keep your voice consistent and that establishes trust and recognition with customers. Your brand communication is what keeps people coming back. 

Look To Your Competitors

It is most helpful to keep an eye on your competitors’ brand voice and communication. You can learn a lot from what they do right and what they do wrong. 

Something they do might inspire you to make some necessary changes. Looking at what they do that doesn’t work will help you to avoid the same mistakes. 

Look at some very successful companies and learn from what they do. Their voice will be reflected in their product, their promise, their vision, their delivery. Everywhere. 

Be Consistent

Use the same message, the same language, the same images, and the same voice everywhere you reach your target audience. They come to expect and rely on you to deliver messages to them in certain ways.

Use social media to establish your target audience and how they speak to each other and about brands. Use that same language when you are finding your own brand’s voice. They will relate to it.

Don’t go too far though, as it will take away your authority. You are the one who knows best. You are establishing the voice of an expert that relates to your target consumer in a voice they want to hear. 

Giving your brand a voice helps to build customers, grow the audience, and establish trust. People want to be reassured they are making the right choice. Many customers are very loyal to brands that relate to them and treat them well. 

It helps to build connections with your audience that will ultimately increase your revenue. People connected emotionally to a brand. That means they trust you and will continue to come back. 

Review your brand’s voice often, to remain current with what is happening. Be aware of new movements, what is trending, what is not. Use your brand’s voice loudly. 

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