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5 Ways to Get Out of a Creative Drought

The creative drought: every creative’s nightmare and reality at some point or another. It’s a moment where passion fizzles into a dull flicker, or can even burn out completely. So what’s a creative thinker to do?

Step Away. Get away from the monitor. Stop staring at its bright, blank screen thinking something magical will pop into existence. Get outside and take a walk. A few minutes away will not only let your eyes rest but also help clear your mind and get some blood pumping. Some of my best projects in college came from brainstorming while at the gym because let’s be honest…no one wants to be thinking about how much time is left on the treadmill.

Go Out For Lunch. Another positive brain drain is to get away for lunch. Not only do you need fuel to get through your day but it breaks up the constant need to have your creative wheels spinning for ideas. Take your work bestie and grab some tacos, vent about the creative block you are having, swap stories from last weekend, or catch up on how their new puppy is doing. Either way, it helps free up your mind and you may even come up with some great solutions as a team.

Seek Inspiration Elsewhere. We are all guilty of having tunnel vision when it comes to looking for inspiration. Break out of that habit and seek inspiration from people outside of your niche. For example, package designers can also look to fashion designers for some much-needed inspo. Not all packaging is cardboard and glue, so why not be inspired by something a little outside of the printed box?

Start A Daily Challenge. Just like with New Years Resolutions, having mini goals helps you feel accomplished and stick with the program. Find a 30-day artistic challenge and stick with it. Give yourself some parameters to work within and make it measurable. Then at the end of the month-long challenge, you have a body of work that can feel accomplished with while at the same time boosting your creative mojo.

Treat Yourself. You work hard for those PTO days, why not use them? You don’t always have to jump on a plane to some foreign lands to get re-inspired. Taking a half-day to yourself to get those pesky chores done at home can relieve enough stress to make room for the creative process to flow.

As you work through your creative drought, you’ll find what methods work for you. Creativity is all about experimentation, so try new ways to inspire and motivate your own successes. After all, some our best work can stem from times of frustration and doubt.


Written by Megan Jones, Graphic Designer at Immotion Studios

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