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Top Five Tips to Create Goals and Accomplish Them in 2020

In 2020, set goals that are considered a “stretch” from previous ones. Go bigger with at least one of your goals because this time you’re going to create actionable steps to accomplish them. 

Start by applying the ABC method: All By Commitment, to each one of your goals.

Rank your commitment and excitement level of each goal on a scale of 1-10. The top 5 goals with the highest score are now the ones you focus on intently for the first 6 months of 2020.

Next, create a feedback loop. To be effective, you need goals or objectives that you can measure. The feedback loop allows you to be specific about what steps you will take first to accomplish said goal.

What’s the difference between a goal and an objective? A goal is your overall want and your objective is a piece of that want. For example, dieting: the goal is to lose 5 pounds; the objective might be to cut sugar out of your diet. Cutting sugar out of your diet is a step towards the goal of losing 5 pounds. See how that works? 


Goal Setting Example Template:

Goal – Lose 5 pounds

Step 1 – Decrease sugar intake 

Step 2 – Walk 30 minutes 3 x a week

Step 3 – Drink 8 glasses of water a day


Tips to Accomplish Your Goals in the Next 365 Days

1.     Make your goal workable and reachable by writing down steps you will take daily. 

2.     Understand goals should challenge you. Pushing through a challenge is when growth happens.

3.    Prioritize yourself by adding the daily steps of your goal to your calendar. 

4.     Make sure you can measure progress towards your goal i.e.:

a.     Words written per day

b.     Number of jobs applied for

c.     Miles run

d.     Classes attended

5.       Envision what it will feel like when you accomplish your goals. That is the feeling you are working towards!


Now get out there and accomplish those goals over the next 365 days! Happy New Year’s!

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