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Top 5 Creativity Killers and How YOU Can Avoid Them

5 Creativity Killers

Whether you are a free-spirited painter or a hardened marketing executive, your job requires you to always be on top of your creative game. Problem-solving skills require a quick and flexible mind, but even the most capable person can run into a brick wall now and then. Today we are going to look at five common creativity killers and how you can avoid them.

1. Unrealistic Deadlines

One of the quickest ways to cripple your creativity is by assigning yourself an unrealistic deadline. While saying “I’ll finish this two-day project in an afternoon,” may sound nice, it simply isn’t realistic. To solve this problem you need to be honest with your abilities and plan accordingly.

2. Dealing With Pressure

How we react to pressure can define or enlighten us. Identify how your body and mind react when all the cards are on the table. Do you get anxious? Flummoxed? Does your creativity nosedive? Identify your reaction and build a routine in response to it. Go for walks, meditate, have a glass of tea – whatever takes your pressure-related reaction and puts it at peace.

3. Impatience

The best ideas work and sometimes it takes more than a single try to prove it. Whether you are painting a portrait or trying to write up a business proposal for a new client, you must have patience in your techniques and faith in your efforts. Dropping ideas and concepts because they don’t work immediately is a surefire way to have a collapsed project on your hands.

4. Boredom

Nobody does their best work when they are bored, so why should you? Boredom is a very real problem in the workplace and it can absolutely shatter any creative momentum that you have. In order to prevent boredom from being the latest thing to kill your creativity, consider working from a different space. Instead of sitting in your home office, head to the local café. Changing your environment can help to change your mindset.

5. Excuses

Finally, we come to the real creativity killer – our own willingness to make excuses. At some point in time, we have to just buckle down and push through our mental hurdles. No excuses. No ‘extra five minutes’ browsing the internet. No breaks to play a game on your phone. Buckle down and attack the project.

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