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Facebook’s Notification Tab Gets More Personal

Facebook is notorious for making changes to their app, but its notifications tab has always remained the same; however, that is all about to change. Facebook’s new notification “cards” will not only continue to notify you of mentions and tags, but also of life events and birthdays.

Facebook Notification TabAccording to Facebook’s news blog, you can also choose to get cards specific to your area, including location-based weather updates, movies playing in theaters near you and recommendations for places to eat with links to Facebook Pages and reviews. Your current notification settings will not change, and you can adjust those any time in your Settings.

Facebook product manager Keith Peiris told Mashable, “I want to know when to leave to show up for an event or I want a notification if my best friend is in town or I want a notification if I’m at a place and there’s really useful information about it.”

However, it seems you’ll have to enable location services, giving Facebook information as to your whereabouts. That might make some users hesitant to try the feature, even if it means not getting these new personalized, location-based notifications. This is now a new problem for Facebook. Privacy has been a constant problem for Facebook users.

The new personalized notification cards will gradually make their way to iOS and Android users within the coming months.


Written by Breanna LaMarca – Social Media Intern

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