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5 Things Every Recent College Grad Knows to be True

The “real world” is terrifying

For the past 22 years (or so) of your life, you have been told what to do by someone. Your parents, your teachers, the RA down the hall who can hear you having a party in your room even when you’re alone reading a book in bed. But now you are on your own and you are truly making your own rules. Remember not to go too wild, but don’t restrict yourself so much so that you have no friends and no fun.

“Adulting” is hard

What the heck is a credit score? How do I file my taxes? Do I really need insurance? How do you cook chicken? All things I think we should have learned in high school that we have to figure out now that we’re “adults”… whatever that means…

It’s the little things in life

The other day I remembered to go to the grocery store for milk on my way home from work before I ran out. It’s the little things. One time, I cooked myself a balanced meal that wasn’t from a box with instructions on it! It’s the little things.

The job market is weird

You are over qualified for half the jobs you interview for because you already have a college degree, yet you are under qualified for the “entry-level” jobs that require 5 years of experience in the field. Next thing you know, every person you tell that you’re an intern with a college degree gets confused.

You are a small fish in a big sea

Remember when you were a senior in high school and you ran the freakin’ world? And then you came to college and you were a mere baby. Then suddenly you’re a senior in college and your mantra becomes “I’m too old for this crap”. Now you’re a baby fish again and you gotta suck it up until retirement!


Good luck with your new found independence and bills!


Written by: Emily Tall, Intern at Immotion Studios

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