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What Is SEO/SEM & Are You Using It Correctly?


Marketing is important if you want to compete in today’s marketplace. And digital marketing provides an effective way to reach thousands of people. Search engine optimization and search engine marketing are two tactics that make the most of digital marketing.


Search Engine Marketing


Search engine marketing (SEM) is a strategy to increase website visibility in search engine results. SEM is sometimes referred to as paid search advertising, pay per click, or paid search. If you ever hire a digital agency, you might hear those terms used often.


SEM is important because consumers often research and shop for products online. Take for example if someone is searching for a digital camera. That person is likely to search online and visit a website that appears on the first page of the results. The consumer is already looking for what you have. SEM gets your website in front of them and shows them you have what they need.


When you use SEM, you pay to have a sponsored ad appear on the side or at the top of search engine results. So when a customer searches using a specific keyword, they’ll see various ads matching that keyword. If they search using one of your keywords, then it’s possible that your ad will appear along with the organic search results.


SEM Results


There are several things to consider if SEM isn’t working for your business. Most importantly, you need money. Every ad click costs money, even if you don’t gain a new customer. When you run out of money to fund your ad, your display is stopped until you fund your account. Is it possible your ad budget is too small to produce long-lasting results?


Are you using relevant keywords in your ad campaign? Without relevant keywords, you’ll never attract your target audience. Make sure your ad is targeted to reach your audience. If you’re unsure about keyword research, considering hiring a digital marketing company.

Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization (SEO) means optimizing a website to rank high in organic search results. It doesn’t involve paying for ads, like with SEM. Search engines rank web pages based on the relevancy of content. The more relevant and useful the content, the more likely the web page is to rank highly in search results.


SEO focuses on making a website that creates a great customer experience. When a customer visits your website, they should find exactly what they need. For example, consider a business that sells digital cameras. Their website’s content should provide useful information about digital cameras. Irrelevant content, such as information about cars, will hurt the website’s ranking.


There is also off-page SEO. It involves posting relevant content on social media websites, such as Twitter or Facebook. Some of your posts will include a link to your website. But avoid posting too many links to your website in one day. Potential customers might feel like you’re not trying to be helpful.


SEO Results


Are SEO tactics failing to produce results for your website? Check the quality of your content. SEO involves writing good content for people to read. Instead of filling a page with keywords, focus on providing content that’s relevant and enjoyable. A blog is a great way to achieve this goal. Also, make sure photos and videos are tagged with relevant keywords.



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