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Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Businesses

Getting your brand started on social media can be difficult. You have to balance the human aspects of creating an authentic feel, the analytical aspect of building a community that continues to grow on all platforms and the business mind to leverage that followership into actual sales. It takes time to learn the nuances, best practices and etiquette of each channel. Here are some of the most common social media mistakes brands make, as well as some habits and tactics every brand should adopt: 

DO post consistently. To “beat the algorithm” and keep your growth steady, it is imperative to post often and consistently.


DON’T delete negative comments. This makes it look as though your company has something to hide. Instead, address the negative comments head-on to show that your company is proactive in resolving issues and serving your customers.

DO share. In the social media world, sharing and engaging is akin to networking. Always work to make brand connections and build quality relationships on social media via shared content.

DON’T overuse hashtags. Adding an appropriate hashtag or two connects your post to the topic but #not #every #word #should #be #a #hashtag.

DO be original. Get creative with your content and show your personality. Stand out and help people see what separates you from the competition.

DON’T be spammy. Over-posting the same or irrelevant information can annoy your audience and lead to quick unfollows and unlikes.

DO maintain a social voice. Make sure your voice is clear and consistent across all platforms to keep your brand identity intact.

DON’T use every channel. Not all companies need to be on all platforms. Choose the ones that make sense for your brand and focus your efforts on growing in those areas.

DO create a signature look. This will evolve over time, but deciding how you want your brand to look and feel visually will help cultivate engagement and draw new eyes to your pages.

DON’T rely on automation. Using an autobot or copy/paste responses can de-humanize your social media efforts. Keep your brand personal.

With the social media landscape constantly changing, the do’s and don’ts of social media will also evolve. Staying aware of current best practices and executing them in your social media strategy is imperative to the success of your social media marketing efforts.


Written by Madison Kiernan, Social Media Specialist at Immotion Studios

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