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3 Tips To Increase Engagement On Facebook

3 tips to increase engagement on Facebook


As social media marketers, we often hear “I’ve been posting to Facebook, but no one is liking what I post!” Facebook is making it harder and harder for businesses to be seen, and with every new algorithm roll-out, it get’s a little harder. So what can you do to combat this challenge and increase engagement?

Follow the 80/20 Rule to Increase Engagement

People don’t want to hear about your products all the time. Why would they? We’re bombarded with advertisements every day, whether it’s on TV, web, radio or even just driving down the street. It gets old! Instead, post fun, entertaining content that is relevant to your industry 80% of the time. This will help you engage your audience and overcome algorithm challenges. That way, the other 20% of the time when you post about your product, service or brand, your audience is active.

Use Facebook Insights to Increase Engagement

You can’t use what you don’t know. The Facebook Insights page is a powerful tool to see what content is working and what you should change. When you post a photo instead of a link, do you get an influx of likes and shares? Do your videos have a large reach but minimal engagement? Do posts on the weekend receive more comments than ones during the week? Take note of these things and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Target your Boosts to Increase Engagement

When all else fails, boost your posts! Conventional advertising doesn’t have the option to target a specific audience. On Facebook, you can target a specific demographic of people. For example, do you want to reach recently divorced lawyers born in October between the ages of 40 and 42? You can do that! By targeting the exact audience that is right for your content, you are more likely to receive a positive response. More so, that paid engagement helps facilitate organic engagement.

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Written by Madison Kiernan, Social Media Specialist at Immotion Studios


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