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Why Digital Advertising Is So Important

Your marketing efforts are going nowhere if the target market cannot see the advertisement. Success in marketing is determined by location. Nowadays, the majority of consumers are online. They are either on their social media page or randomly browsing about their subject of interest.

One of the most effective ways to get the attention of online consumers is digital marketing. This is whereby you use search engines, email, social media, and other sites to interact with current and prospective clients.

Unlike other forms of advertisement, digital marketing has to be very specific and informative. This is because the online buyer has got plenty of options and information. They can simply look at customer reviews to find out whether your product is as good as you say. As a result, digital marketers have to be more creative and honest with their campaigns.

Even though digital marketing is demanding, the benefits are worth the effort once you get things right. Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider digital marketing:

1. It is Flexible

The best part about digital advertising is that it isn’t limited to one channel. You can typically initiate various advertisement campaigns across different channels. This is what brings about the idea of multi-channel advertising. In traditional advertising, most businesses were limited to a one-page ad that would be on display for about 30 seconds.

There are now various tools that you can use such as Cisco’s new campaign that lets you use multiple platforms for advertising. The Cisco platform converts text on complicated topics into 6-second short videos that can be shared across multiple platforms. This means that instead of using lengthy videos for your ad, you can use short videos that get the customer’s attention – most online customers have a short attention span.

2. It allows for Target Marketing

The traditional media marketing would feature ads on the ads newspaper section. This means that there was no specific age group that would be targeted for such an ad. The marketer would put the ad on the newspaper and hope that the right person sees it. Digital marketing is a bit different since you can modify your ads to only reach a particular age group.

This means your ads will be more effective.

3. It can be easily Measured

Whether you used ads on Facebook or Google ads, you can easily track the performance of those campaigns. These platforms have inbuilt metrics that can allow you to see who clicked on your ads, how long they were on your page, whether they shared the ad with someone else among other things.

Since these metrics show the popularity of the ad, you can easily know whether the ad has performed well or not. This helps marketers decide which campaigns to use and which ones to do away with. As a result, the firm also saves money since it only invests in ads that are effective.

4. It is Quick to Launch

Digital advertising is a process that is put into effect almost as soon as it’s launched. For example, Instagram lets you set-up an ad plan that can run for weeks or months. You can also set the frequency of the ads on different platforms.

This means that you can launch your adverts as soon as you come up with a marketing plan. The speedy launch gives you a competitive advantage especially if you are launching a new product that’s likely to be a hit.


You have to embrace digital marketing technologies because they will allow you to take your business to the next level. You can launch your advert across different digital platforms for maximum reach.


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