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Why your Company Aesthetic is Key

Why your company aesthetic is key.

So you’ve got your general brand idea, but what’s next? How your clients and audience view your products or brands is crucial. Developing a quality aesthetic will immeasurably improve your brand.

An aesthetic is typically concerned with what is visually compelling to the eye. This concept is what drives marketing. The entire process of advertising your style and brand should be wrapped around the idea of what an audience sees. Think of your product aesthetic as the nonverbal voice of your company. It is what you are trying to convey without actually conversing with a client.

The viewing process of an audience is simple. The audience first recognizes the idea of the brand and then they observe it. Next, they subjectively interpret the brand and the style with their own personal biases and opinions. While you cannot control how the audience interprets your brand, you can control what they see visually.

Making your aesthetic memorable is a key factor in a creative and productive advertising strategy. Marketers have a few hidden tips for developing an aesthetic and keeping it solid.

The Look.

Designing your aesthetic starts with the interface between you and your viewer. Marketing designs are proven to be more effective if they are visually appealing. The look of your product should be aimed at catching your audience’s attention.

The Feel.

The feeling that your audience has about your product says everything. Your product aesthetic should match the personality of your targeted audience. Consequently, if your product makes consumers feel good about themselves, they are more influenced by your product and more likely to share their experience with friends. For example, Toms shoes promised their consumers that for every pair of shoes they purchase, a pair would go to those in need.

The Values.

The aesthetic of your brand should reflect the core values and morals of your company. The whole part of visual advertising is conveying messages to your audience. The look and the feel of your company should portray the general idea and values of your product or company.

Ultimately, the most crucial factors in visual advertising is making sure that you are reaching your targeted audience in a way that they can feel connected.

Need help establishing your brand and creating an aesthetic? We can help.

Written by Demi Butler – Digital Marketing Intern, Spring 2018

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