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New Pricing Model for Facebook Advertising

As of July 2015, Facebook has changed its cost-per-click pricing model. Now advertisers will only be charged when clicks actually include website visits instead of just “likes”. This means that your costs per click for paid ads will most likely see an increase. This is because traffic has to actually get all the way to the intended website instead of just the post itself.

Advertisers will most likely see an increase in their cost-per-click advertising campaigns.
Consequence of increased rates and click-throughs:

  • CPC (cost-per-click) rates have increased
  • If you paid 5 cents before, it is now expected to be around 16 cents

Benefit of increased rates and click-throughs:

  • Facebook will become more valuable as a tool because it will reach your intended audience and actually get them all the way to your website, instead of your post or Facebook page.

Furthermore, Facebook has also changed its video ad pricing. Complaints were made that Facebook was charging for video ads when the video was barely viewed by Facebook users. Changes have been made that in order for advertisers to be charged for the ad, the video must be viewed for at least 10 seconds. This is helpful because your money will only be spent for content, where as before you could have been charged if someone scrolled past a video on their screen.

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