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Get to know the people behind the work. This group of passionate people will guide you through the process of branding, marketing, and developing creative collateral so that your company can put its best foot forward every time!

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Immotion-Studios - Lindsey Shaw Vice President

Vice President

Lindsey Shaw (Hurr)

Immotion-Studios - Shelly Raifsnider Director of Accounts

Director of Accounts

Shelly Raifsnider

Immotion-Studios - Marie Raifsnider Brand Marketing Director

Brand Marketing Director

Marie Raifsnider

Immotion-Studios - Madison Sandvig Social Media Coordinator

Social Media Manager

Madison Sandvig

Immotion-Studios - Tom Schuller Creative Director

Creative Director

Tom Schuller

Immotion Studios - Jonathan Graf - Art Web Designer

Art Director

Jonathan Graf

Braiden Griffith

Graphic Designer

Braiden Griffith

Melanie Williams

Graphic Designer

Melanie Chappell

Megan Jones

Graphic Designer

Megan Minetto

Web Developer

Xavier Surley-Strong

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