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The Paws Behind the Creative

Behind every good Creative is a four-legged fur baby. Every advertising agency knows that! Meet the tail-wagging supervisors of Immotion Studios. We promise they don’t bite!

Adorable Abby

Abby is a 6-year-old Golden Retriever. Her hobbies include swimming, rolling in the grass, watching squirrels and PEOPLE FOOD! When she comes to the studio you’ll find her next to her best pal, Mama and Immotion’s Director of Accounts, Shelly.

Ayyye it’s Shiner

Shiner is the fur baby of Account Manager, Marie, and he’s known as the social butterfly of Immotion. Shiner likes to touch base with each and every member of the studio and he appreciates the value of a good first impression. On Shiner’s first visit to Immotion, he peed on Tom, the Creative Director. Accidents happen, right!? Sorry, Tom!

Introducing Mr. Budders

You know what they say… Who rescued who? His Mom and Immotion’s Art Director/Food Stylist, Patti, adopted Mr. Budders from a shelter. He is around 5 years old and has one cat. His hobbies include snuggles, snuggles and snuggling and like most of us, he hates to work out.

Giddy Up for Gus

This is Gus the 75lb lap dog and Graphic Designer Jami’s best friend! He’s a Terrier, German Shepherd, and Boxer mix and was rescued from a local shelter. His likes include swimming, squirrel chasing, butt scratches and ice cubes and he dislikes cats, baskets, leaf blowers and people who don’t want to pet him. When he visits Immotion he likes to pretend that he’s a horse and gives rides to all the Creatives.

Meet Meeko

This magnificent specimen is Meeko. He’s an Australian Kelpie mix with a heart of gold. He’s an aspiring model and loves to pose for painted portraits. Contact his agent and Account Manager Maddie for booking information.

Lovely Lexi

This beauty is Lexi Louise Chappell (aka Lex, Lulu, Lu, or Lexi Lulu). Lexi loves to play with her snowman toy year-round. To her, it’s always Christmas! Lexi is very vocal and does not let her petite stature hinder her. She thinks she’s a huge guard dog and loves to “protect” the house.

Fun fact: Lexi is full-grown! She’s 5 LBS soaking wet and is perpetually puppy-sized. When Graphic Designer, Melanie, first got her she was roughly the same size as a stuffed Victoria’s Secret Pink dog!

Barks for Beastie

Beastie Romo Jones grew up at Immotion Studios.  His first human was Art Director Jonathan but was adopted by Account Manager, Lindsey, after Jonathan became the proud dad of triplets. Beastie enjoys chasing his gorilla, watching Lucky Dog Ranch on Saturday mornings and bacon.

Rrraaarggghhh Chewie

Chewbacca (aka Chewie) is a Mini Australian Shepherd and Instagram Star thanks to his Momma and Social Media Coordinator, Courtney. He’s a certified stud and loves getting himself into mischief. His hobbies include morning cuddles, playing with sticks, and tearing up old pizza boxes.






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