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Updating Your Website

Why You Need To Update Your Website

When it comes to achieving and maintaining high search rankings, one of the key components is fresh content. Google loves fresh content, and Google is king of the search engines. If you want your website to maintain its rankings and authority then you have to regularly update the content of your website.    

Fresh content makes your website more engaging, appear up to date, have lower bounce rates and higher search traffic. Conversely, stale Content makes your website appear obsolete, less engaging, have high bounce rates and lower search traffic.

There is nothing worse than Google thinking your site is dead and obsolete. A good rule of thumb is to try and update your website content two to three times a week. This will signal to the “Googlebot” to keep coming back to your site. This can lead to an increase in rankings and site visitors.

What kind of updates should I make?

This mainly depends on your website and audience but here are a few things to help you decide what updates would be best for your business.

First, look at each page and make sure that it is trying to achieve some form of conversion. A few examples include getting a website visitor to request a quote or sign up for a subscription. It could also be as simple as getting something to click that “Call Now” button or watch a video.

Analyze the current performance of your website and see how people are interacting with it. Use that information to update pages to increase conversions.

Simple updating old information and adding new content regularly can increase your web traffic.

Rank your pages in order of importance, and then update accordingly.

Remember that your website is a living entity and needs to change and grow over time. If something is not working, then you can always change it.

Written by: Scott Combes, Website Developer at Immotion Studios

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