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3 Reasons Why Your Organization Should Target Millennials

Traditional wisdom ignores young people as an economic force. There aren’t many of them, they’re not very rich, and they don’t consume as much as their older, wealthier counterparts. All that has changed with the Millennial generation, those Americans born between 1982 and 2000. They’re the largest generation in history, they have disposable income, and their diversity makes them open-minded consumers. Here are three reasons to make sure your organization can target Millennials in your marketing efforts.

They’re still choosing their brand loyalties.

While their parents’ buying habits have already solidified into predictable patterns, Millennials are still shopping around. They don’t know yet exactly what they like, giving you a chance to influence their preferences. A strong customer base of Millennials now is likely to come to you for their needs later in life also.

They’re willing to experiment.

Like all young people, Millennials are eager to find new ways to do things. This makes them an excellent market for innovative, forward-thinking goods and services that might not appeal to their parents. Is your organization preparing to do something new and creative with its offerings? Millennials may be your most excited customers.

They’re realistic about money.

Although Millennials have a reputation for being more spoiled and entitled than their parents, they’re financially savvy. In fact, they save more money than almost every other demographic group. They understand the value of spending money wisely and are willing to pay for high-quality good and services because they see them as an investment.

Your organization has a great deal to gain from engaging with young people. Refining your marketing efforts to add Millennials to your customer base is a great investment, both in your brand and in your bottom line.

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