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Why your Logo is not your Brand


We hear it all the time. “My logo is my brand identity.” It makes us shudder every time.

Yes, a logo is a very important part of a brand. However, your overall brand is a much bigger picture. It is your company story, your mission, your overall message in a complete marketing strategy. The logo is a symbol used to identify that brand.

Think of it this way. A logo is the foundation of a brand, like the mascot of a sports team. Each time a consumer sees the logo (mascot), they immediately think about the company (team). For example, the fast food giant, McDonald’s has expertly created and nurtured their Golden Arches. There is no question that a Big Mac is waiting inside those lighted golden arches from anywhere in the world. How about Apple and their strategically designed apple? Consumers see this one symbol and know that it represents quality products and services created by the technology giant, Apple. Since humans are very visual, smart companies like McDonalds and Apple will also tie their businesses and brands to logos that customers come to know, respect and most importantly remember.

A brand includes a logo design and everything else right down to the font you use in your sales copy. It is your call to action, your customer service, your jingle. It’s your message, your communications, your promotional tools, your mission statement. It’s how your brick and mortar store looks and feels every time a customer walks in the door. It’s how your website looks and navigates, it’s how your social media sites engage with the world. In a nutshell, it’s anything and everything about your company.

Your brand is your business from the biggest elements to the smallest details. Your logo works hand in hand with your brand recognition and company identity.

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