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How to Have a Quality Website

Having a great website is based strictly on the consumer experience. A quality website can convert visitors into clients with ease. The benefit of having a great website will result in endless possibilities.


One reason that most people close out of websites when browsing is because the layout and the design are so bad. has mentioned that 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the layout of the site is hideous. The viewer experience is essential for keeping viewers engaged in websites.


When it comes to the internet, the slightest time delay in loading will cause consumers to leave the website. This loading delay, whether it be the connection or a poor website, consumer traffic is still decreased by slow websites.


When creating with today’s technology, specialists know that everything they publish will be viewed on a different screen.  Many consumers will simply leave the application or website if it is not user-friendly on their device. As of 2015, more searchers are done everyday on mobile devices than desktops and websites shrink three times smaller when viewed on a mobile phone.


Likewise, viewers will still leave if they cannot find what they want. They will move onto a different way to find the information they are looking for. Many website visitors are searching to find out more information, and if there is no contact information, they are more likely to leave the website which results in a negative connotation of the company.

Needing Guidance?

We can provide assistance by crafting a website for your clients that is both artistic and functional.  We use all the latest tools and technology to produce a website that is visually exciting, yet practical. We can improve website traffic by generating a dynamic site that fully captures the essence of your business.

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Written by Demi Butler – Digital Marketing Intern, Spring 2018

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