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5 Iconic Fonts

Iconic Fonts

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a picture is worth a thousand words and more importantly, the correct font choice can make or break a marketing campaign. Fonts play a very important role in a company’s brand. Marketing professionals research, test and pay special attention to selecting fonts and using them consistently in both print and digital efforts. Mega giant companies know the power of fonts for brand recognition. Here are the 5 most iconic fonts in recent history.

1. Myriad Pro

This font was designed in the early 1990’s for its versatility and numerous weights and widths. This “neutral’, general purpose type allows designers to use it for headlines, body copy and captions. Some call it energetic and is used by industry giants Wal Mart and LinkedIn because it is very adaptable.

2.  Bebas Neue

This font can be downloaded free and has grown in popularity recently because it’s good looking, easy to use and extremely versatile. It’s known for its elegant shapes and clean lines that can blend with a technical, uniform look that is perfect for digital, print and even art.

3.  Helvetica

Created in 1957, Helvetica is one of the most recognizable and loved fonts in the entire world. It is available in many weights that makes it perfect for digital and print media. Crate & Barrel, American Airlines and Staples use Helvetica in their advertising.

4.  Futura

Way back in 1928, Futura font was created and throughout time has been recognized as a timeless font offering an elegance and classic touch to any design. Futura is a favorite of designers because its geometric shapes pair well with other fonts.

5.  Verdana

Designed in 1996 for Microsoft, this san serif font was designed to easily read on a computer screen. However, it is perfect for print because of its versatility and good looks. It easily sizes so it’s great for headlines, body copy and anything in between, especially when you’re looking for a consistent design. Verdana font is commonly used for PayPal promotions.

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