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Motion Graphics Animation – 4 Things to Consider

Motion Graphics Animation

Having video content created to better help market your business, products, or services is always a good idea. But, is live video (videos featuring real people) always the best choice? Not necessarily! Sometimes a company’s video needs lie in a short video that quickly covers a gambit of information. Cue in the “Motion Graphics Animation.”

I know… animation sounds pricey and time-consuming! However, thanks to modern technology, you don’t have to re-mortgage your home and hire a Pixar-sized company to get the job done. Motion graphics come in all shapes in sizes, depending the on the vision. It can be as simple as animating graphs and pie charts to make an impactful presentation at your next Q4 meeting, or have the complete story of your company come to life with a voice-over narration, fully illustrated characters, and a musical score and sound effects to help the whole video come to life and jump off the screen!

You’re probably thinking, “this all sounds super exciting and where do I start!” Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering a motion graphics animation:

1. Have a clear vision on what kind of information you need to get across in your animation. Unlike video, you can’t cut in extra content from a bank of footage that was shot. Everything has to be created from scratch.

2. Keep it simple! Shorter is always better. If the nature of the content spans multiple areas of information, perhaps creating multiple, shorter animations is the way to go.

3. Try to have a keen and critical eye towards content and design early on during the process. Making major changes once things have been animated can be a time-consuming task. Scripts, storyboards, and concept art are the first things to be ‘signed off’ on before the animation process begins.

4. Have fun with it! Your CEO may not want to hang glide off a cliff for a video, but with animation, anything is possible!

Motion graphics animation — the smart (and fun) way to present informative video content.

Check out some of our motion graphics work here!

Written by Brandon Schwindt, Videographer

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