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What Platforms We’re Using While Working from Home

Now that most of the Immotion Team is working from home, we’ve found a few great platforms that are allowing us to stay connected with each other and our clients. Here’s a few of our current favorites: 



Monday.com is an online workspace where you can integrate all your other platforms and sites, automate a lot of the smaller, time-consuming tasks and communicate with your team and clients.

It features the ability for everyone to see what is going on, work on their own projects and collaborate on others. Connect everyone from around the world, work in real-time and on your own time.



Slack is a great platform for sending messages, making calls to individuals and groups, video conferences and organization. There are smaller groups for those working on a certain project, the ability to send private messages and include your outside clients or resources in, as well. 

Have a private call or message, share certain channels and keep others private and stay connected to all your important staff and customers, wherever they happen to be in the world.



Perhaps you have been seeing a lot about Zoom lately. With people staying at home, more people are discovering ways to stay in touch. Zoom allows you to chat to individuals, host a conference call or meeting and communicate with everyone.

You can host a class or webinar or join another one. Learning is online with Zoom as you can join classes for almost anything. It’s a great way to stay in touch, keep an eye in how all the work is progressing and keep in touch with clients.


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