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Tips for Successfully Managing Twitter for a Business

Do Include Location

Including a location on tweets helps tweets reach a broader audience on Twitter. The tweet will now show up on your followers feed, and on a feed of other tweets posted in the geographic location chosen. We promise it’s easy.

Link Websites

As a business, attaching your website generates traffic for your Twitter followers. This will not only show a boost in your tweet impressions but will also give your viewers more information about the company you’re promoting. It creates multiple opportunities for consumer engagement and will produce a greater click-through rate, or CTR.


Retweeting may be one of the most crucial parts of operating a Twitter account. Retweeting displays engagement of your account with another account. This interaction brightens up your page as well as the other users. Retweeting allows your page to look diverse and can even produce an increase in followers.

The more you retweet, the more likely it is that other accounts will begin engaging with your account as well!

Be Active!

To engage followers, the account must be active! Twitter is one of the fastest moving social media platforms and to stay involved, the account must be posting content on a daily basis or for some, even an hourly basis!

Staying active can be as easy as liking other tweets, retweeting others, and simply just going on following frenzies to increase your brand’s audience. Twitter has also introduced a new strategy called “moments” and its main goal is to keep users active!

Keep it short

Since Twitter is so fast-paced, its content is most commonly kept short. In the past, Twitter was known for its character limit of 140 characters. Until recently, this limit has been updated to 280 characters. The key to surviving on twitter is realizing how to say what needs to be said, with as few characters as possible, without shortening words!

Needing ideas? We’ve got you covered! Our social team can help with all things Twitter. Not sure where to start? Be sure to check out our Twitter for ideas! Don’t miss out on the Twitter game, it’s the place to be.

Written by Demi Butler – Digital Marketing Intern, Spring 2018

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