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Embracing the Instagram Algorithm

With Instagram’s transition to an algorithm-based feed, brands are no longer guaranteed an audience. Previously if you posted something you wanted seen, your followers would presumably see it as long as they opened their app. But now, if it isn’t deemed entertaining or valuable it is essentially invisible, buried below photos that the Instagram algorithm thinks your followers would rather see.

This means a big shift for social media marketers. Many believe that for brands, this defines the end of organic social reach, which isn’t untrue. Social platforms are looking to increase their profits, and algorithms certainly help. Without paying to boost your post, it may not be seen at all unless, and this is a big “unless,” it is relevant and engaging content.

Instagram AlgorithmWe don’t see this as a bad thing. Shouldn’t this have been the goal in the first place? Shouldn’t we be creating culturally relevant content that our followers actually want to see in their feeds? We think so.

We view the Instagram Algorithm as a bar being raised. This will hold us accountable to reevaluate our content strategy and adapt our content to be highly engaging and optimized for our audience. A challenge has been set to focus on the quality of the posts we publish, instead of creating content for the sake of outputting content. If we aren’t contributing something valuable, then we shouldn’t be at the top of your feed.


Written by: Madison Kiernan, Social Media Specialist

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