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16 GIFs From ‘The Office’ That Only Agency People Will Understand

If you’ve ever worked with an advertising agency, you know these situations all too well. Everything in life has their pros and cons, but let’s be honest, at the end of the day, we all love working in an advertising agency! Here at Immotion, we love what we do! And if you work in an advertising agency, we hope you do too! But even if you don’t, here are some of our most relatable moments from The Office.

When you aren’t feeling creative

When you mix up your work social media accounts with your personal social media accounts

When the team is brainstorming website ideas

When you’re trying to learn a new media platform

When photoshop crashes… again

When you’re dealing with that one difficult client

When your client gives you permission to try something different

When you realize you haven’t moved your eyes from your screen in hours

When the client doesn’t understand what you’re trying to tell them

When someone’s birthday rolls around in the office, but you’re cutting carbs

When your boss says you can leave work early

When someone brings a dog into the office

When you have a big project that’s due to the client by the end of the week

When you copy a client on an internal email on accident

When direct deposit finally hits

When all the hard work pays off

Written by Demi Butler – Digital Marketing Intern, Spring 2018

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