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The Road to the End of the First Week

Written by Delaney Owen, Immotion Studios PR & Social Media Intern

First Week as Intern

I sat in my dorm on my bed, with my laptop and thought to myself, “this is the perfect time to apply for a spring internship.”  So at 1 a.m., the Sunday before finals week, I pulled up Frog Jobs, a website for TCU students to find jobs and internships. I applied for a position titled “Social Media and PR Intern” for an advertising and branding agency and the next thing I knew, I was at Immotion Studios for an interview. A week later I had the job! Yay! But now what? I had no clue what to expect. Well this is what I got within the first week…

On Monday, I received introductions to all 22 people in the office and run down of the clients. Next thing I knew, I was invited to the annual New Year’s party.  Immotion Studios’ Vice President Lindsey Hurr told me, “I know it sounds awkward, but we’d love for you to come.” All I wanted to say was “I would love to come and nothing is too awkward for me.”  However, I decided to stick with a simple “Ok great, I’ll see if I can make it!,” knowing very well that I would DEFINITELY be attending.

On Tuesday, I finished my classes and drove as fast as semi-legally possible to the ice skating rink to catch up with everyone. They clearly had some experience ice skating. I looked like I had aged from 20 to 85 years old in a matter of seconds just putting on my skates. Coleman, account director, was flying around the rink like a slightly less coordinated Apollo Ono, and everyone else seemed to be doing just fine. No worries though! I figured it out quickly and was soon challenged to a race by the self-declared professional skater himself, none other than Coleman. “Hey intern, you have to beat me in a race to keep your job,” was all I heard, but despite the seemingly harsh statement, I immediately felt welcome. I would have raced him, but I think I knew better than to grant him bragging rights for months to come. Plus, it was time for Joe T. Garcia’s!

Wednesday, I woke up feeling 85 years old once again. Sore would have been an understatement. Just a little FYI: Ice skating is a workout! On just my second day at Immotion, I already felt as if I fit in and was a part of the team. Speaking of fitting in, I fit in as much as possible on Wednesday: new creative Facebook and Twitter posts for various clients, a start on this very post and enough time for Coleman to spill the jelly beans… again.

On Friday, my week was coming to a close. Or so I thought. As soon as I arrived in the office there was a Secret Santa gift exchange filled with personalized gifts that reflected the various relationships that have developed between coworkers. Some gifts were sweet, some were funny, but all were well thought out. Following the exchange, I got to work on various tasks until, to my surprise, there was another party for Kevin’s birthday. Three in one week, score!

Although there is always something interesting happening, whether that is the very common “bring your dog for a visit” or a yoga competition, there is also excellent work constantly being produced. I must say I am thoroughly impressed and extremely happy to be here!

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