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3 Indicators That You Should Replace Your Website

Replace Your Website


Replacing your website is a big deal. We understand why you may not want to tackle a project that big right now. It’s a big expense, will likely eat up a lot of your time and it takes a lot of energy to get it looking just right. However, your website is one of the most important aspects of your brand. A great website legitimizes your company, provides information to your customers and, given you have a good SEO strategy, can help you find new business. So trust us, replacing your website might be worth it. Here are the key factors in determining if it is time to replace your website.


Does it effectively communicate your brand right now?

Seems simple right? But often times we replace a website for a business that has pivoted so greatly the website doesn’t even represent what they do anymore. This could be because the services or products have shifted or maybe you’ve updated your brand recently. If the website does not properly represent you its time to change it to something that does.


Do you plan to advertise the site and increase traffic?

If you are considering paying for clicks via Google Adwords or implementing advertising through another avenue, doesn’t it make sense to properly evaluate your site first? Is it easy to navigate? Should you create a landing page? Are you showcasing your brand properly? If your site doesn’t do any of those things, we recommend making some updates prior to committing to an advertising or PPC campaign.


Is it mobile friendly and technically sound?

This seems obvious but a lot of sites still are not mobile or SEO friendly for today’s standards. Often an outdated site can pose security risks, as well. We find that an average of 60% of traffic on our clients’ websites comes from mobile devices. In some cases, we’ve even had clients come to us in emergency situations where their site was taken down by their hosting provider for being out of date and being a security risk.


So, is it time to replace your website? Check out our work here.


Written by Coleman Anderson, Account Executive/Video Producer

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