CocoGoods Co.

About the Brand

CocoGoods Co. is a small, family-owned business that has not only developed a full line of organic coconut products but is changing the industry as a whole. They set world standards for coconut quality and are reinvesting profits into their employees, education, and housing.

The Challenge

With an emphasis on brand awareness and customer acquisition, the brand sought to expand their social reach and grow their community on Instagram and Facebook. Because they were very new to the market and a small business working with a limited budget, we would be starting from ground zero.

Strategy & Approach

Immotion was brought on board to help bring the CocoGoods Co. brand to life through the use of a consistent organic social media strategy, paid ad campaigns, and influencer marketing. To ensure maximum reach, Immotion curated high-quality social content ranging from lifestyle photography to eye-catching stop motion videos that included their products in different recipes or DIY uses. By also partnering with micro-influencers that shared their same brand passions for family-owned businesses, food and fun, CocoGoods Co. was able to extend their reach to new social followers and revitalize their role in the coconut industry among audiences including vegan, healthy eating, and home-cooks of all ages. As a part of the strategy, paid social campaigns across Facebook and Instagram that were optimized for Brand Awareness, Page Likes, and Website traffic were also included.

The Results

Since partnering with CocoGoodsCo to help achieve their goal of expanding their social reach and growing their community, the combination of their paid & organic social campaigns paired with influencer strategies has resulted in more than 16 million impressions and has increased their audience by over 874%. Each particular approach played a huge role in achieving their overall goals. Paid Social was particularly cost-effective in gaining reach and impressions, as Immotion delivered cost per reach at only $0.18 with a lift in awareness and ad recall. CocoGoodsCo also saw an increase in sales through their Amazon store. Website traffic also increased drastically, a strong indicator of customer interest and intent to purchase. These results led CocoGoodsCo to launch an e-commerce site in 2021.

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